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abourdain1.jpgHow does he stay so thin?  On his Travel Channel TV series, “No Reservations”, author and Chef Anthony Bourdain wanders the world in search of “good” food.  He doesn’t use the word “gourmet” – but, he does intone the word “simple” a lot. Plain simple French bistro eats, simple, fiery Indian street food, plain simple family style Italian food, and so on. He feels that the worst thing to be is a “tourist”. We should risk and explore, meet real people and find the good, simple food the natives eat. (It is sometimes unusual/bizarre – rattlesnake in Texas, assorted crunchy critters in a tasty sauce while in Asia, etc.) His favorite lines: “this is sooooo good” ‘this is reeeealllly good”.

In between cigarettes, he explores the sights, appears to eat tons of food as he samples several courses, just about always has a dessert and washes it all down with the local brew, show after show – but, he doesn’t seem to gain a pound.  Is it his metabolism or just the plain “simple” food? If it’s the food, I want what he’s having.  (Ha! I really want his job.)

I enjoy visiting the interesting places Chef Bourdain takes us – a food market in Thailand, the sewers of Paris, a Dacha in Russia, the bars of Iceland and even the wilds of New Jersey. Whether you are an intrepid world trekker or an arm chair/couch potato traveler, “No Reservations” can be a fun show.

BTW – Anthony Bourdain is currently the executive chef of Brasserie Les Halles in New York City.

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  1. Been to Bangkok City a couple of times now, first time was in May 1999, then back at Christmas 2006. What a awesome holiday place! It supplies for everyone: if your looking for social Thai people there is masses of them, if your looking for solid food there is quite a little and night life is brilliant. If you want a common vacation, you can have it – if you desire a costly vacation, you can have it as well. My wife is totally in love with the place and has just bought into a hotel over there. My children love it too. What a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas!



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